Trelay Land and Cattle's Current Operation
Land is the base of all we do. 
Our crops include seed corn, soybeans, oats, barley, rye, popcorn and hay.  We also have an Angus purebred herd, a commercial cow-calf herd and a cattle feedlot that utilizes our feed byproducts.  
Our day starts at 7 AM.  We apply a practical, common-sense approach to the everyday activities.  You know, there is always a better way.  Yet, it takes time to get those new ideas right.
Technology, we have our share. 
Our cattle are fed TMR rations, are tagged with the USDA electronic ear tags and are monitored in our custom database.  Yet, our people watch the health and monitor the feed bunks, while handling the animals with a sense of caring.   
Our fields are GPS located with self-guided planters and our seed plant is unique, utilizing state-of-the-art machines that create some of the most advanced seed techonologys available today.  We are ISO 2019:2015 certified.
Our database expertise separates us from many others.  It has been a fundamental strength for over 40 years.  In-house designed and operated, it has provided unique control of all operations and the ability to better serve our employees and customers.
In the end, our people today, have given us a sense of long term dedication to the livestock and seed industries.  Recently, two employees retired.  Each of them had spent over 40 years working with us.  Many other employees have been with us over 30 years.  Strong human relationships are built on honesty, fairness and respect.  It's not that hard, but you have to really do it.
There are employee quotes on our "Quotes" page.