Trelay Burger Blend (T-Burger) Story
The Trelay Burger Blend originated one day after trying an Impossbile Burger and reading about other chemical concoctions developed to replace red meat.  It is an undeniable fact people want less fat in their diet, but also they still embrace real food with familiar taste.  Food that originates as animals and plants is the basis of a natural diet.  We believe, the less processing, addition of chemicals and food science trickery the better.  Our food industry has grown to provide food that does not spoil (perservatives) and provides hollow nutrition on required nutrition labels due to large scale, factory-type food processing systems.

Being basic in the beef industry, we at the Trelay Land & Cattle Co. thought about what kind of burger we would design.  Could we replace part of the animal protein with ......  plant protein?  Our folks, namely Peggy, began the creation of a recipe using our beef hamburger and several beneficial plant-based products.   Kitchen experience lead us to certain ingredients quickly, but how to blend, quantities to use and simply the steps in the actual making of a real, acceptable product was time consuming.  We turned to Prem Meats in Spring Green, WI to help us "get the product right" and secure a certified label.  After over a year of experimentation, the Trelay Burger Blend was born.  Our first product is a 6-sided burger patty, followed with a summer sausage and a 1 lb. tube of T-Burger Blend.  Meat sticks and jerky are soon to be added.

The Trelay Burger Blend has been widely accepted every step of the way.  We appreciate that support.  We honestly believe the T-Burger Blend to be a sound and sensible meat product for today's diet.  We eat them, too.  Our cattle business can supply the meat we use in the T-Burger Blend and our recipe can supply a healthy version of "hamburger" the public likes and consumes everyday.  So, onward to the grill, breakout the buns and invite your friends over for a summer cookout. 
Be Healthy, Happy and Wise.