Trelay Burger Blend (T-Burger) Ingredients
(Our thoughts first went to keeping the ingredients simple and no more than necessary)

Angus Beef
Seventy percent (70%) of our Trelay Burger Blend is Angus beef raised on our farm.  These animals have been fed balanced rations of feedstuffs grown on our farm or purchased from reputable suppliers.  The health of our herd is maintained by visual inspections 7 days a week and recorded based on electronic ear tags.  Steers are harvested and state inspected on our farm by Prem Meats' mobile slaugher truck, after which the quartered carcasses are hung for 10 days before processing.  The blending and packaging process is completed by Prem Meats in their inspected facility.

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah)
Quinoa is our first choice of a  plant-based protein source.  It is a grain that comes from the Andes Mountains of South America.  It is high in protein and is considered "complete" as it contains all the essential amino acids.  One cup is packed with about as much protein as 4 eggs and has more than half of your daily requirement of iron, manganese, magnesium and fiber.  Qunioa is also gluten-free and a non-GMO.

NASA scientists discovered quinoa to be the consummate grain that was so complete they chose it to be included in the diet during long-duration space flights. Multi-year space flights require maximum nutrition per pound in an efficient form.  Quinoa, while high in protein and fiber, also is a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants.    

Kidney Beans 
Kidney Beans is our second plant-based protein source. It is low in fat, but nutrient-dense in protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber.  They are high in antioxidants, can improve heart health by reducing levels of total and bad cholesterol, helps support long-term blood sugar control and aids in weight loss.

Kidney beans are a nutritious type of legume, which research suggests, plays a part in treating heart disease.  From the soluble fiber to the inflammation fighting anitoxidants, kidney beans are associated with heart-healthy diets.

Almonds were added as our third plant-based protein source.  They are a popular tree nut, that delivers a massive amount of nutrition.  Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, almonds are close to a perfect food.  

Research has shown almonds to be effective in reducing cholesterol, lowering hunger, helping lower blood pressure, and assisting in blood sugar control.  Again, high levels of antioxidants in almonds, as well as vitamin E, magnesium and fiber give a "plant" punch of nutrition to the T-Burger Blend.

Popcorn was our surprise and final plant-based ingredient.  Being an unconventional component of a food product, popcorn has some unique qualities.  It is loaded with polyphenols, compounds found it plants that act as antioxidants and reduce inflammation.  Polyphenols are concentrated in the popcorn hulls, which are included in the preparation of the Trelay Burger Blend.

Popcorn is considered a whole grain food composed of the hull, the endosperm and the starchy interior.  The fiber in popcorn supports a healthy digestive system.  An added benefit is the iron popcorn provides, which when coupled with beef supports healthy red blood.